9 Things every commuter experiences every day

1 – No, What are you doing?! Don’t sit opposite me are you kidding? There is noone sat diagonal from me. Just sit there because now I have to sit in THE most uncomfortable position to avoid our awkward knee touch!

2 – having to stand on top of someone’s fold up bike and then literally tripping over it when the train takes a bend

3 – having to show your monthly ticket to the same ticket inspector every day

4 – unlike London you will actually see people you know but you won’t be able to talk to them because they’ll be at the other side of the carriage and will get off stops earlier than you. It’ll be weeks before you can sit with them and have a ten minute catch up.

5 – the gap between the platform and the train is insane. Sometimes it’s like climbing Everest! 

6 – at that time in the morning you just want your own personal space, especially on a 40 minute train journey so the last thing you want is some cheery soul to sit next to you. Go away. I’m sleeping with my eyes open. 

7 – when you arrive at a station early so you’re stopped on the tracks just moment away from the platform. Like hello?! Some of us want to get home and we honestly don’t mind if it’s earlier than planned

8 – the early starts are a killer for your evenings social plans Sorry friend, I can’t come to the pub for a drink I’m in bed. ‘But it’s 7:30’ ‘yeah! I’ve been home half an hour and I’m zonked! Zzz’ 

9 – but actually when you’re on the train, you do get some pretty decent views of the country side… 


My LDN Bucket List #5

5. Visit the Wellcome Collection

So on Sunday, Ellen and I went and saw some cool stuff at the Wellcome Collection. We also went into their sex exhibit which was… Interesting. There are no pictures of that though as cameras weren’t allowed – But I have some other awesome pictures including the best library/reading room ever!


Thanks for coming Ellen!

Three down, seven more to go! S

My LDN Bucket List: #2

2. Have a drink at the Ice Bar

So on Wednesday night, my sister surprised me with a trip to the ice bar, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. The idea of staying in an ice hotel has always interested me but there isn’t one of those in London so this was the next best thing. I had the best night and it was so lovely of my sister to take me!



This cocktail was so yummy and fruitilicious!!








I’m excited for my next bucket list activity!


Chapter 2

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and actually written anything honest… When I started writing this blog, it was an exciting time in my life that saw the start of my career. It began pretty suddenly with lots of tough decisions to make which resulted in my move to London. It was all so exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time but there were multiple factors that allowed me to follow that path and opportunity.

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My LDN Bucket List #9

9. Visit the last Summer Street on Regent Street event of July 2015

I started off the Bucket list with a good old fashioned street party. I grew up amongst a small, cute cul-de-sac community, taking any excuse to have a street BBQ or party in the summer months, so I was excited to see how London does them!

Ellen kindly accompanied me on this trip, we turned up to the festivities a little late in the day but we did manage to avoid the rain so we did pretty well considering it was such a miserable day.


Apologies for the dark image, I realised once we had walked down the whole street that I hadn’t taken an intro picture…

But the weather throughout the day clearly hadn’t affected everyone’s spirit as it didn’t take us long to come across a Bangra dance group…


There was also a cool bee & butterfly tent where we were informed that on the tops of the roofs all across oxford & regent street, bees were nesting as part of a project to protect them.

IMG_0040 IMG_0035

You can’t not be in London and try to spot the Queen…



We also managed to get ourselves some free seeds! I am going to gift these to my parents, who seem to have got very garden happy recently so I’m sure they will appreciate these! But hands down, the best bit of it all had to be the free wine – we stumbled across the Bare Foot tent where they were handing out tasters of their new summer refresh wines. I went for a small sample of the red and Ellen chose the rose.


There was also the chance to receive a free t-shirt and all that was required was to take a picture and include the #GetBareFoot. I handed in the above photo with the caption and was given a whole bottle of wine instead of a t-shirt which I appreciated a whole lot more! Best freebie ever!

I wish I had known about these Sunday’s before so I could have attended all of them – perhaps I could have had a bottle of wine each week!


My LDN Bucket List

I’m just keeping this post short and sweet!
By the end of August, I wish to be able to say that I have done/experienced the following 10 things;

1. Watched a film at the Electric Cinema because who doesn’t love the idea of a giant living room turned cinema?!

2. Had a drink at the Ice Bar Well, it seems like the best place to be atm with all this heat!

3. Hung out at a Rooftop Bar because that’s what all the cool Londoner’s do.

4. Played ping pong at Bounce because that’s what the cast of MIC did.

5. Visited the Wellcome Collection because it’s free. Duh!

6. Been to the Affordable Art Fair to search for a bargain piece to hang proudly, so I look all cultured n’ that.

7. Watched a play at London’s Open Air Theatre because the thought of sitting in Regent’s Park with a chilled glass of wine while watching an easy-going play, seems like a ideal thing to do on a summer evening.

8. Been on a boat tour along the Thames because Londoner’s spend too long standing around waiting for tubes and buses or standing around on tubes and buses so why not put your feet up and view London from the water?!

9. Visit the last Summer Street on Regent Street event of July 2015 because who doesn’t love a good street event?!

10. Party at Summer Tales because it’s another thing that the cool Londoner’s do.

My time starts…. NOW!

Magazine of the Month: June

A few months ago I signed up to a Stack magazine subscription and each month they send me a different independent magazine which, for a crazy mad fan of anything print and editorial, it extremely exciting!

It’s been playing on my mind for a while now that I want to set up a monthly post where I photograph and show you the latest magazine that gets posted through my door because independent magazines are overlooked. The smells of the ink on the extremely tactile paper stock makes any designer go weak at the knees! Without further ado, I shall tell you about June’s mag of the month.

I could not have been any more excited when opening the envelope to find this staring back at me!


The Recorder. Issue Two

A Monotype magazine that focuses on elements of typography and is released twice yearly. You can see that this is only issue two – that’s because Monotype have relaunched the magazine with an all new look and feel of which I had a sneak preview of when I attended a Stack talk called PrintOut at the start of the year with Tasha. I never got round to posting about it and unfortunately neither did Tasha but here’s a quick overview. It was an evening of talks from key influencers in magazine rebrands. We heard from Alexia Liakounakou who works at Makeshift, Erin Spears from Boat, Steven Gregor from Gym Class and Emma Tucker from The Recorder.

Emma spoke briefly about the history of the magazine from when it was first printed 113 years go until now and the impact it had on the popularisation of typography. The magazine made it’s audience see typography as a cultural movement rather than just a hobby. With regards to the redesign, Emma said that colour became very important and that is very clear to see in this issue. You don’t even need to over the cover to see the embossed fluro pink ink for the masthead.

IMG_4979 IMG_4981

The colour continues throughout the rest of the pages, as promised by Emma.

IMG_4993 IMG_5004 IMG_5007 IMG_5008


IMG_4999 IMG_4998

But it’s not just the colour or the fact that this is a magazine all about type that makes me love it. It’s the bold, confident and unforgiving typography used throughout each article.

IMG_4990 IMG_5010 IMG_5009 IMG_4995

They’ve even added in a good old Printer’s Fist!
Nice one Recorder.


Check back next month for July’s Mag of the Month!